Sight S250

Reference number
Spectral Range (μm)
640x512 15 μm InGaAs
Auto focus
Human target detection / recognition (km)
9,4 / 2,9
NATO target detection / recognition (km)
12,7 / 3,9

The S250U is rugged long range SWIR weapon sight providing clear day/night imagery through various obscurants like dust, smoke, haze, fog and many others. The S250U incorporates in itself the latest InGaAs sensor and InP laser diode technology providing complete covertness to conventional night vision technology. The S250U is designed to interface with day scopes of 8x optical zoom and is equipped with auto focus for easier control. Withstand recoil up to .50 Cal. The S250U has full metal aircraft grade aluminium housing and is protected by superior wear and corrosion resistant, chemically stable ceramic coating. Set includes remote control, caps for optics, manual, pouch, coupling light shroud and cables for video output and external power supply.

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