LW75 LWIR (8-12 μm)

Reference number
Spectral Range (μm)
8-12 (LWIR)
640x480 17μ Microbolometer
Sensor sensitivity (mK)
Field of view (HxV)
8,30° (H) X 6,23° (V)
Focal length (mm)
Human target detection / recognition (km)
2,5 / 0,7
NATO target detection / recognition (km)
3,3 / 1
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The LW75 is rugged uncooled thermal weapon sight providing clear day/night Imagery through various obscurants like dust, smoke, haze, fog and many others. The LW75 incorporates in itself the latest uncooled VOx microbolometer sensor technology providing unmatched sensitivity of the system. The LW75 is designed to interface with day scopes but also can be used as a portable reconnaissance system. The LW75 has the ability to record videos with optional Digital Video Recorder and is also equipped with a video-out capability. The LW75 is easy to use, accepts standard AA batteries, has full metal aircraft grade aluminium housing and is protected by superior wear and corrosion resistant, chemically stable ceramic coating.

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