BROLIS 2.1 Micron Wavelength DIRCM module

Minimum size ( W x H x L)
25 mm x 15 mm x 25 mm
Output power
1 Watt / emitter
5-8 mrad
Radiant intensity
> 20 kW/sr
Boresight accuracy
< 2 mrad
E-O efficiency
~ 15 %
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Brolis Photonics Solutions is a sales and assembly company of technology developed by Brolis Semiconductors, introduces industry’s first 2.1 micron wavelength integrated laser module for band-I DIRCM applications based on Brolis state-of-the art direct diode laser technology! Our OEM laser modules for DIRCM feature hermetic package with complete integrated micro-optics for collimated beam output with ultra-small footprint.

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